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Nature is the most powerful physician for body and mind. At Sunrise Health we see this as science of life. Amidst the greens, pollution free, tranquil & feel at home ambience, the calming of busy mind and rejuvenation of a weary body comes naturally. One of the most comprehensive health spas in the Jaipur (Raj.), Sunrise Health is a personal retreat where you make the rules. Nourishment for the mind, body and soul is guaranteed at this leading health spa resort, as is a child-free and stress-free environment, not to mention a truly life enriching experience. As you lay relaxed by the pool, play a round of golf or simply enjoy a pamper day, the outside world will seem a million miles away. If you’ve never tried it before, pop down for a sauna and swim just before bedtime and you will be left incredibly relaxed. Our top resort chefs offer meals that are based on the principles of moderation, balance and variety and the Champneys food philosophy enables our guests to boost both their inner health and their outer beauty.

Sunrise Anti Ageing Package

Sunrise Health Resort, Have developed a special 7 days programme called Anti-Ageing, based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy; these ancient systems of wellness. packages were created for patients looking to achieve maximum beauty and restore their youthful appearance.
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Sunrise Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

This is a personalized Programme that includes stimulating and purifying therapies, daily Yoga and Meditation and Dosha-specific Ayurvedic diet to help reduce stress, improve health and address common ailments or simply delay the aging process.
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Sunrise Detox

At Sunrise Health Resort, weve developed a special 7 days Programme called Detox, based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy; these ancient systems of wellness. Packages were created for patients looking to achieve maximum beauty and restore their youthful appearance.
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Sunrise fitness concept with physiotherapy skills through techniques to increase the integration of mind, body and soul: It is the secret to an enjoyable and safe fitness program that can be used for the rest of your life.

Learn to enhance your capacity for exercise through understanding your mind-body constitution and being guided thereby to sports selection, diet, time best suited to you for daily exercise, breathing exercises, body stretching and much more.
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Stress Management

Sunrise Stress Management Programme focuses primarily on assisting you to experience and implement various mind and body techniques based on the concepts and philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda, for creating positive changes, reducing and managing stress and enhancing synergy in your life through a balanced approach.
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Weight Management

Sunrise Weight Management Programme addresses the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss and weight maintenance. Based on the best of both Western and Ayurvedic Treatments, the program is a safe and effective way in which to lose those extra inches. The Spa provides the ideal atmosphere and complete privacy in which you can learn how to gain control and balance in your lives, which are the basic ingredients for healthy weight management.
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Wellness Bliss

The uniqueness of the Sunrise Spa approach is contained in the saying "Swastha Jeevan Sandhya", meaning "healthy lifestyle approach with assistance". Guests benefit from this by a private consultation from a Lifestyle Assistant offering professional guidance and individual attention. Options are available from an innovative Spa menu of treatments and services that integrate ancient & contemporary therapies and treatments from various disciplines to suit individual needs and requirements.
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Sunrise Health Resort, Have developed a special 7 days programme called Anti-Ageing, based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy; these ancient systems of wellness. packages were created for patients looking to achieve maximum beauty and restore their youthful appearance.
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We give Jacuzzi Massage. These Jacuzzi Massage provides comfort and gives a sense of peace. Our Jacuzzi Massage are offered in different alluring.
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Use similar systems that the Romans used, which contain pipes and pumps that bring water up and into the large pool areas, wherever the natural springs exist. Heaters are also now used to maintain warm temperatures in the baths.
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Chilled Bath, Sauna Bath

Saunas were pits dug in a slope in the ground and primarily used as dwellings in winter. The sauna featured a fireplace where stones were heated to a high temperature. Water was thrown over the hot stones to produce steam and to give a sensation of increased heat. This would raise the apparent temperature so high that people could take off their clothes. The first Finnish saunas are what nowadays are called savusaunas, or smoke saunas.[10] These differed from present-day saunas in that they were heated by heating a pile of rocks called kiuas by burning large amounts of wood about 6 to 8 hours, and then letting the smoke out before enjoying the löyly, or sauna heat. A properly heated "savusauna" gives heat up to 12 hours.
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Bubble Bath

Bubbles on top of the water, less ambiguously known as a foam bath (see photo), can be obtained by adding a product containing foaming surfactants to water and temporarily aerating it by agitation (often merely by the fall of water from a faucet). The practice is popular for personal bathing because of the belief that it cleanses the skin [1], that the foam insulates the bath water,[citation needed] keeping it warm for longer, and (as a lime soap dispersant) prevents or reduces deposits on the bath tub at and below the water level [citation needed](called "bathtub ring" and soap scum, respectively) produced by soap and hard water. It can hide the body of the bather, preserving modesty or, in theatre and film, giving the appearance that a performer who is actually clothed is bathing normally.[1] Children find foam baths particularly amusing, so they are an inducement to get them into the bathtub.
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Ayurveda Emphasizes Preventative And Healing Therapies Along With Various Methods Of Purification And Rejuvenation. Ayurveda Is More Then A Mere Healing System, It Is A Science And Art Of Appropriate Living Which Helps To Achieve Longevity. It Can Also Guide Every Individual In The Prevention Of Disease And Long Term Maintenance Of Health. To Achieve This Balanced State Of Body, Mind And Consciousness, Ayurveda Prescribes Panchakarma Therapy For The Cleansing Of Body Toxins.
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Ayurvedic Herbal Massage

An Ancient Healing System Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system of India, has a different vision of the healthy human—not just the gradually failing, getting-through-the-day human, but a lively, vibrant being with energy to thrive and excel. Over the centuries, those in the know have explored how we can have that type of radiant good health.
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Shirodhara treatment is done in absolute silence. It takes you to deep relaxation and in to a balanced state of rest in mind and body. Men and women alike experience it as a high-point of Panchakarma applications of Ayurveda.

Best experienced after a massage, Shirodhara is one of our most popular Ayurveda application taken by Ayurveda lovers.
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Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical wellbeing. Aroma therapists blend therapeutic essential oils especially for each individual and suggest methods of use such as topical application, massage, inhalation or water immersion to stimulate the desired responses.

The different smells (aromas), and the chemical constituents of the oils, can produce different emotional and physiological reactions. Essential oils can be massaged into the skin, added to bath water or vaporised in an oil burner. Although aromatherapy has been practised for centuries in various cultures, the modern version was developed mainly in France. Aromatherapy has not yet undergone as much scientific scrutiny as other complementary therapies, but research so far shows that it can be an effective treatment for some complaints.
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Hydrotherapy is the use of water to heal and ease a variety of ailments. Hydrotherapy is the most beneficial system of restoring normal functions in the body. It is employed to help balance metabolism. Scientists have revealed the wonderful palliative and curative virtues of water. No other therapeutic agent possesses so many admirable qualities as does water. Being a universal solvent its use internally in the form of enema or drinking water aids greatly in the elimination of waste products, (auto-intoxication) which readily accumulate in the body under certain conditions causing more or less pronounced injury. Hippocrates the father of medicine had an excellent understanding of the physiological properties of water, both hot and cold which he employed in the treatment of fevers, ulcers, hemorrhage and a variety of maladies both medical and surgical.
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Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which provides services to individuals and populations to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. Functional movement is a central element in what it means to be healthy.
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Magneto Therapy

Magnets exert a powerful attraction on the iron content in the blood, penetrating the outer layers of skin, muscle and fatty tissue to the capillaries that feed directly into the bloodstream. By attracting iron and perhaps other inorganic molecules to a diseased area, circulation is increased. This is enhanced by the increase of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the affected site that assists in healing. The combined effect is regulating the PH of the cells and tissues, balancing, ionizing and oxygenating them and generally relieving congestion and pain by improving blood circulation. Magnets are widely used to help patients suffering from headaches (including migraines), constipation, bronchitis, hypertension, hemorrhoids, glaucoma, and many other serious diseases.
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Mud Bath

Mud is one of five elements of nature having immense impact on the body in health as well as in sickness. It can be employed conveniently as a therapeutic agent in Naturopathy treatment as its black color absorbs all the colors of the sun and conveys them to the body. Secondly as the mud retains moisture for a long time, when applied over the body part it causes cooling. Thirdly its shape and consistency can be changed easily by adding water. Moreover, it is cheap and easily available. Mud procured for treatment purpose should be black cotton soil with greasiness and free from pollution and contamination. Before use mud should be dried, powdered and sieved to separate stones, grass particles and other impurities.
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Aerobics exercise is a moderate intensity workout that extends over a certain period of time and uses oxygen in this process. Well, in the present times, carrying out aerobics has become the most happening workout trend among the youth. Not only is performing aerobic exercise interesting, but also is very beneficial for health. There are different types of aerobics like fitness walking, jogging, swimming, kickboxing, fitness walking, inline skating, bicycling etc.
Weve all heard of aerobics, but does any of us really know what all activities are included in aerobics. Are we aware as to what are the effects of aerobic exercise? Well, aerobic exercise is a fabulous workout that not only helps in maintaining your fitness level, but also makes your heart stronger. There are distinct forms of aerobics like cycling, biking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing etc.
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Sress Counselling

Stress management counselling is often useful at assisting people in limiting the negative effects of stress, as well as preventing physical or mental problems. It can help people to recognise the major causes of stress in their life and make changes that will help them to react less to stressful situations. Below are a selection of help-lines and organisations that offer stress management counselling resources.
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Accupressure Walk

Accupressure Walk is the experience of walking on a river-like surface improves balance, mobility, and lowers blood pressure! Using the same principles as acupressure/reflexology therapy, the uneven, rounded surfaces of the stones press on the soles of the feet deeply massaging various reflexology points. The nerve endings at these points are connected to all of the major organs of the body via the nervous and lymphatic systems. The stimulation of these points has been a staple of Eastern medicine for centuries, and is now being embraced by Western health practitioners.
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Laughing & Clapping Therapy

Someone has rightly said there is no age or time for laughing. When you laugh the world will laugh with you. On reading an interesting article lately, I became confident that yoga therapy involving clapping and laughter has a major role in dealing with various diseases. Laughter and clapping activities helps in fighting stress and improves our blood circulation. These two activities of laughing and clapping can help cure wrinkles, insomnia and irritation.

When you clap it represents joy and keeps us healthy. When we strike our palms together forcefully it slowly improves our health. You would have seen at various places people clapping. This scene is common in Indian temples and at yoga classes. Clapping and laughter creates a jovial atmosphere and provides energy to our body system. People suffering from rheumatism, joint pain, pain in the back and neck can get instant relief. All you have to do is to clap for 10 minutes daily. If a person is suffering from low blood pressure s/he can also get benefited from clapping and laughing session.
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